Best Travel Apps Every College Student Should Download

Best Travel Apps Every College Student Should Download

Classes and extracurriculars could take you all over the world. Financially, that can be a problem for some students, which is why finding travel apps that will help you save money on your next trip is so helpful.

Whether you want to get away from campus or need to travel to learn a language in person, these apps can help you save money and manage your itinerary.


Hostels are not always built to the quality you’d expect, and some are safer than others. Hostelworld helps you step up your travel game and find hostels to live in all around the world. Students can search by the best hostels for independent travelers, the best art cities, or by experience. Just note where you want to go, and the site will search over 36,000 properties in 178 different countries.

Find the best hostel for the money, travel safely, and explore the world. Reviews will help you determine which hostel is right for you and to book the kind of room you’re comfortable with.


Skyscanner is an indispensable app that will help you find the cheapest flight options to any location at any time of year. For students who want to travel without the high costs of flights weighing them down, Skyscanner is an excellent app to try. Skyscanner allows you to search for cheap flights. With the mobile app, you can look for flights from over 1,200 sources and find those that fall within your budget.

Find the cheapest route, direct flights, or look by the most affordable month. Save hundreds and travel more with this helpful app.


Want to meet people in a new place without paying anything at all? Couchsurfing is an app that lets you look for lower accommodation costs by staying with locals when you travel. Many of these locals allow travelers to stay for free. As a college student, you may benefit from staying with someone who lives in your destination, especially if you’re learning a language and are looking for immersive experiences. You should carefully check the reviews, though, since this could be risky depending on where you’re traveling.

You can use the Hangouts feature on this app to meet other travelers and locals to hang out, even if you don’t want to stay the night. This might even be an excellent way to meet other students and people living in the same city for people new to a college area.


TripIt is an organizational travel app that lets you plan out and organize your travel itinerary. Everything is kept in one place, making it easier to keep track of your upcoming plans. It’s free to use the basic version. The pro version allows you to work with the company to find alternative routes during flight cancelations or help with delays. If you’re going on an international trip or won’t be in an area you’re familiar with, the support team that helps with the pro app is indispensable.


LoungeBuddy is an app that college students may like if they have to fly often. It helps you find your airline status, lounge membership status, and other information so that you can figure out which lounges you’ll have access to at any airport you go to. There may be free lounges or those you can purchase a day pass for, so keep that in mind as you plan out your travel itinerary. Starting at $25, you may be able to buy a day pass through the app, too. Not all airports have open lounges, so keep in mind that you might not be able to get a pass. Still, if you travel frequently, it’s undoubtedly a good idea to use the free site or app to search for lounges that you may have access to.


There is nothing worse than getting to a destination to find that the hotel you booked doesn’t suit you. Or, perhaps your flight was suddenly canceled, and now you need to book a hotel until you can get a new flight tomorrow. If you need a hotel tonight, use HotelTonight to get discounts on empty hotel rooms at the last minute. It’s easy to use the app, and you can search on a map, by attraction, or by the city to find a room. With 24/7 customer support, this app is helpful for students who need to find a new hotel as soon as they can. The support team will walk you through your options so that you can get to a safe place as quickly as possible.

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