Top UNLV Majors & Degrees

Top UNLV Majors & Degrees

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has been a local education institution since 1957, providing students with modern education in a thriving urban environment. It’s a robust research institution but offers a range of educational options for over 30,670 students each year.

This public college is recognized for its business, education, fine arts, and nursing programs. Top UNLV majors range widely at both the bachelor and graduate levels. Take a look at some of the UNLV majors recognized for undergraduate students.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, School of Nursing

The UNLV School of Nursing is a top-ranked university in Nevada for many reasons, especially for its nursing program. This program’s heart is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, designed for undergraduate students without a bachelor’s degree.

Many students remain on campus to complete their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. However, a few things help the BSN stand out, including a fast-paced environment, modern technology, and hands-on learning opportunities in nearby schools.

It’s only a 16-month program, allowing students to get into the field quickly. Even better, students can continue their education with concentrations in family nurse practitioner, Nursing Education, or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Hospitality and Leisure Management Bachelors, Harrah Hotel College

The Harrah Hotel College, which offers the Hospitality and Leisure Management program at UNLV, was noted as one of the best in hospitality and leisure management globally. It has international rankings for more than 50 of its programs. The main agenda to consider here is the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

This program allows students to choose from several concentrations. This includes Gaming Management, Event Design and Management, PGA Golf Management, Innovative Restaurant Management, Human Resource Management, and Hospitality Beverage Management. The school also offers a Graduate Certificate in Gaming Management and an Executive Master of Hospitality Administration.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Lee Business School at UNLV offers several degree options to select from, but it is most noted for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting. This degree program meets all necessary accreditation requirements by the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business.

This degree program allows students to apply critical and analytical decision-making skills to accounting issues while also teaching the most modern and innovative strategies in accounting and business management as a whole. It’s a comprehensive program and one that may pair well with other business programs that are so well-recognized at the school.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering offers several tracks for students to follow, offering some of the most advanced educational opportunities for students in the engineering field. Among those in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Civil Engineering. This degree program prepares students for work in one of the most diverse environments of Las Vegas.

The school offers several options for students to consider, including an Integrated BS-MS track to allow students to graduate with their master’s degree sooner, and a project track, that helps students build a portfolio and skill by working on real-life needs. The school’s engineering expertise and advancement have made the Doctor of Philosophy – Civil and Environmental Engineering a sought-after program. It offers both a post-bachelors and a post-master’s track.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Students can complete this as a major, most common, or a minor degree. This is a competitive degree with numerous options for concentrations.

The program prepares students to continue their education with a master’s degree or provides a liberal arts undergraduate degree that qualifies students to work in a range of entry-level positions. Many students stay on to complete the master’s program mainly because it is so well-respected within the region. In either case, students benefit from advanced training along with hands-on experiences.

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