Here Are Ten Questions to Ask When Looking for Apartments Near UNLV

Here Are Ten Questions to Ask When Looking for Apartments Near UNLV

 Whether you’re a first-time renter or you’ve been at it for a while, it is best to get answers to these ten questions before choosing apartments for rent and signing a lease in UNLV.

How Are Rent Payments Made?

Once you agree on the UNLV apartment pricing, the next thing you need to do is decide on the channel for payment. Although many college apartments near the University of Nevada list their preferred payment options in their lease, you still need to do a double-check to be sure. 

It would be best if you asked the landlord or agent what payment methods they will accept; that is, whether there’s an electronic payment option or you’ll have to mail them a hand-written check every month. 

If the landlord insists on cash payment, then you need to take a step back. Cash payments are inconvenient and quickly become complicated – payment records can get missing, plus other security issues. 

What Is the Guest Policy? Can I Have Overnight Guests?

As a student, you may want to host sleepovers regularly or invite your coursemates to stay overnight at your place. Before you send out an overnight invitation to anyone, make sure you discuss the apartment’s guest policy with the landlord. 

The guest policy will also cover how long a guest can stay over and whether you can sublet your apartment to friends through Airbnb when you’re away. Whatever it is, get familiar with all the rules before you try out anything.

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How Far In Advance Do I Need To Give Notice Before Moving Out?

You may have to break your lease and move out of your apartment earlier than planned. Ask your landlord if there’s any penalty for breaking your lease and how early you need to send a notice before moving out.

Also, you need to know if you can sublet the apartment to another student to complete your leasing period. For some landlords, moving out of the apartment on short notice means forfeiting whatever is left of your rent, so it’s best to be sure about your options.

What is the application and screening process like?

Once you find a UNLV apartment love, the next thing to do is find out how the application and screening process works so you’d know if you even stand a chance. Ask the landlord or agent about the entire leasing process – how long it would take, who the ideal tenant is and how soon they plan to fill the unit. 

If you choose to apply for the apartment, you need to know the required documents to prepare ahead of time. Some landlords will ask you to present your credit report or pay a screening fee.

What Are the Lease Options Available?

It would be best to be sure that the apartment you’re applying for has a lease option for your needs. If you’re looking for a short-term apartment to stay in for a semester, there’s no need to go after a housing option that’s only available for a long-term lease. 

Does the Apartment Complex Allow Pets?

If you are a pet lover, ask the landlord for the apartment’s pet policy before you move in. 

Some apartments do not allow any pets, while others make a few exceptions on a case-by-case basis. There may also be restrictions on the types of pets you can move in with (maybe you can keep only cats or certain dog breeds in the house). 

Depending on the pet policy, your landlord can ask you to pay a non-refundable pet deposit when you move in and then monthly pet fees in addition to your lease.

Are Utilities Included?

Off-campus apartments have more utilities than UNLV college residence halls. You get extra amenities like access to state-of-the-art fitness centers, a swimming pool, plus home equipment like stainless steel appliances. Typically, the costs of utilities and amenities are built into your rent. This is why you would pay more for the apartment. 

Sometimes, the landlord or agent can ask you to take care of some utilities like electricity and heating separately. When this happens, reach out to your local provider to know what your bill will look like every month.

What Is the Parking Situation Like?

If the apartment is off-campus without a regular bus route, you may have to get a car to ease your movement to and from the University of Nevada, that is if you do not have one already. In this case, you should find out what the parking situation is like in the apartment. 

Some of the questions you need to ask the landlord include: Would I have a personal parking spot, or do I have to make do with street parking or parkways? What are the costs and how safe is my car?

How Are Repairs to the Apartment Taken Care Of?

If the roof of your apartment starts leaking all of a sudden, do you have to handle this yourself or send a message to the property manager? This is an important conversation you should have before signing the lease dotted lines. 

While the landlord is responsible for all apartment repairs in most cases, you still need to work out an agreement for emergency repairs. For example, your landlord can ask you to take care of any sudden repairs and subtract your rent cost at the end of the month.

How Often Does Rent Go Up?

You’re a student. You probably do not have a lot of spare cash lying around. And even if you do, that money can be put into better use than paying off arbitrary rent increments. To help you plan your finances and avoid late payments, you need to know how often the rent will go up and by how much. 

Getting a suitable student apartment close to UNLV isn’t something you should leave to chance. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your accommodation, you need to make sure it is comfortable, affordable, and convenient. Asking the right questions is a huge step that helps narrow your search for a great apartment near the University of Nevada.

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