5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Land in Las Vegas

5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Land in Las Vegas

Here are 5 part-time jobs you can land in Las Vegas. This way, you’re never without something to do!

Serving industry

With over 2,300 restaurants to choose from, Las Vegas is a great place to enhance your waiter and waitressing skills! Because it’s the City of Lights, the shifts at most restaurants are easily moldable into a schedule that works for you!

Bell Hop

Las Vegas is home to 150,000 hotels many of which provide a Bellhop Service. Bell hoppers tend to make anywhere from $13 – $15 an hour and receive tips on the side! All you have to do is swing by a hotel near you and ask for an application!


If you have a current driver’s license and a social security card – valet parking might be a good fit for you! With tips ranging on average from $40 – $100, you can drive valet all the way to your master’s Degree!


Since Las Vegas serves as such a touristy area, Las Vegas is filled with shops and malls galore! Retail jobs average from $9 – $12 an hour and many of them includes sales bonuses! If you’re great at working the crowd, closing the deal, and meeting customer’s needs – a job in retail might be a great fit for you!

Ride Share

Ride share programs are a great part-time job all around the world but they are especially noted in large cities like Las Vegas! When you choose to embark on the ride-share journey, you become your own boss! Set your own hours, make what you need, and meet great people along the way!